About Us

The Philip Pooke Spiritual Healing Centre first opened its doors in January 2005. Originally called The Eden Healing Centre, it was founded by friends Philip Pooke and Carole Conaway. Phil had been a Healer for 35 years and it was his dream to open a healing centre as he believed spiritual healing should be available to all. Carole had been working as a Medium for over 30 years and shared Phil's vision. Together they opened the Eden Centre and from the start it was a success.

As the Centre grew they started their own mediumistic and spiritual healing development circles. They have since trained many first class spiritual Healers and Mediums, and helped develop countless others. Some are now working abroad and have opened healing centres themselves, based on Phil's vision. Most of the Healers and Mediums who currently work at the Philip Pooke Spiritual Healing Centre are trained and developed by either Phil or Carole.

Everyone that works at The Philip Pooke Spiritual Healing Centre is a volunteer. We all give our time freely to anyone, and everyone is welcome. The Centre is also non-profit making and all money made goes back into keeping the Centre alive and kicking and therefore we rely on donations to keep the Centre open.

In 2008 Phil was unexpectantly diagnosed with Cancer and sadly passed away in the October of that year. The devastating loss of Phil had a huge impact on his friends at the Centre and those in the community that had also come to love him. The Eden Healing Centre became The Philip Pooke Spiritual Healing Centre in his honour. He would be proud to know that his wit, sense of humour and up-beat positive attitude to life, has prevailed at the Centre, as well as his legacy of spiritual healing for all. Phil is still with us in whatever we do and it is because of this that you will not find another healing centre quite like this one, where people are encouraged to laugh and not take things too seriously.

'Laugh and you will be uplifted' - Philip Pooke

In Loving Memory:

Philip Pooke 

Spiritualist and Healer

1946 - 2008